Friday, September 4, 2015



Alright twin dads lets get something straight, none of us are exceptional at this!  How could you be there's two of them to deal with and that's only if you don't have any other kids running around.    Me, I have one older son, J who is three and a half, just kicked his three and a half year diaper habit and likes to treat  "the brothers" as he calls them like his own personal tackle dummies.  The twins themselves, H and O, who I'm convinced can read each others minds are the cutest most adorable little savages I've ever seen.  They will be two on Thanksgiving.  So this is what we are working with.  Yes sir we run the zone defense at our place. As you would expect they come at us with the overload offense and usually aren't shy about throwing elbows.  And if you are by yourself while the wife is getting some much needed R&R like I was tonight, your fucked.  I turned around from doing the dishes to find H and O standing on the dining room table smiling and O saying "Hi".  At this point J informed me the brothers were standing on the table....thanks for looking out buddy!

It is my intension, with this blog, to share my experiences, moan about my hardships, sprinkle in a little comedy, and offer any advice I can on raising twins.  But what do I know, I'm a BadTwinDad.

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