Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas time for me is four weeks of nonstop work from morning until night 6 days a week.  Four weeks of not seeing much of the children, my wife, or the television.  Most of my time during those four weeks is spent delivering large amounts of packages for people to give as gifts for the holidays.  By Christmas morning I'm pretty exhausted, as is my wife from being a single mother for a month, but the show must go on.  Everything started around 6 am with coffee for us and presents for the kids.  Favorite gifts include superman for Jack and shopping carts for Henry and Oliver.  At this point in the day it occurs to the wife and I that it would be fantastic to just sit at home all day, let the kids play with their toys and relax as much as possible.  A fantasy.  Once everyone is dressed, we pile in the car and drive a mere 6 miles to her parents house for another round of wrapping paper mayhem and breakfast.  Again, cruising through the rest of the day at this point, about 8:30, would be nice.  Instead we get back in the car and proceed to drive ONE HUNDRED FORTY MILES!  Now I know family is important and to all of you who we spent Christmas with half way across the state, I love you dearly but Baby Jesus you live far away!  About half way through I thought I'd never regain feeling in my left butt cheek.  At least the twins got a nap in.  We arrived after about two hours and forty five minutes to "Merry Christmas" and "What would you like to drink".  One of everything please.  Now this house that will be in for the next six hours or so is a historic beautiful home full of antiques and very breakable Christmas decorations.  Not exactly two year old twin proof.  I had little doubt a Santa's head would be broken off as well as Rudolf's nose would be removed from his body before we were finished with this day.  Thankfully there were plenty of cousins and aunts and uncles to play with.  Things went pretty well at dinner despite the twins not eating a lot but that also meant not a lot was spilled on there sweaters.  The only problem as far as food went was and easily accessible bowl of M&M's that was hammered all day long by Henry and Oliver.  Not only did this get them all sugared up but the also oozed green and red M&M out of there mouths like some kind of weird Christmas vampire after feeding on its last victim.  So we played games and watched Christmas movies and really had a nice time.  Just when you think your day is going awesome, Christmas kicks you in the dick when you realize you have to drive that hundred forty miles all over again.  Not that we were not invited to stay but trying to get your kids to sleep in a strange place is like trying to drive a car with sugar in the gas tank...that shit don't work!  We got back in the car and all three little boys fell asleep immediately.  Several times someone would wake up and start screaming and crying.  This happened about every half hour.  I guess being overtired with sugar and being in a car makes you want to try to break your parents spirit subconsciously on Christmas night.  We finally pulled in the driveway at 9:15 and were all asleep by 10.  Christmas is hectic time for all of us but with the right attitude and with the right people around us it can be full of joy and lots of laughs and even though we spent a lot of time in the car and never really got to relax, I feel we achieved that.  Merry Christmas!  Like us on facebook at BadTwinDad and on Twitter @BadTwinDad.

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